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English Placement Test for Nanterre Students – Online

Online Placement Test Instructions

Course schedule for Nanterre Students WS 20 21 

Winter Semester 2020/21

English Courses for law students from Nanterre

Every October, the language center at the University of Potsdam is happy to welcome law students from the University of Paris in Nanterre. Nanterre requires its students to take an English course while in Potsdam, and we have a wide selection of classes from which to choose. This semester, all of the English classes will be conducted primarily online.

Students in the German-French law program can fulfill the English requirement of the university in Nanterre by taking either a legal English course or another English course in Potsdam. The classes are offered by the Zentrum für Sprachen und Schlüsselkompetenzen (Zessko.) In both cases, students have to take the English placement test in order to register for any course.

This test will be administered to Nanterre students online on Tuesday, October 20, between 13:00 and 15:00, details to follow.

Legal English courses:

There are two legal English courses available to incoming students from Nanterre, each of which is a four-hour course and is offered in parallel sections.

English for Law requires 70 to 100 points on the English placement test, and is taught by the qualified lawyers Mr. Harvey (England); Mr. Heaven (Wales) and Ms. Van Es (South Africa.)

The American Legal System – Part 1 requires 80 to 100 points on the placement test and is taught by the qualified lawyer Ms. Mills (U.S.A.) This course can be followed in a subsequent semester by the course The American Legal System – Part 2, which leads to the UNIcert III exam and a certificate in legal English.

The course descriptions can be found on the the Zessko website:


Other English courses: Zessko also offers courses such as English for Social Sciences and English for Academic Purposes, which are accepted by the university in Nanterre to fulfill the English requirement. Registration for these courses takes place on PULS.

Carolyn Mills, Attorney at Law (USA)